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Some backdrop and shooting areas may change and may not reflect in slideshow photos, so please call us to make sure we have the area that you are needing still available.

Rates are as follow:


•$60/hr. 1-Hour Minimum

Promo Rates: 

•$100 - 2 Hours ($60 Per Additional Hour - One Studio)
•$200 - 4 Hours ($60 Per Additional Hour - One Studio) 
•$420 - 8 Hours ($60 Per Additional Hour - One Studio)

•$100 - 1 Hour session for Studios A and B together ($100 Per Additional Hour)


Promos are NOT stackable. Promos can NOT be split between different studios and must be used in one session.

Any and all PROMOTIONAL Priced Bookings are Non-Transferrable nor Refundable inside of 48 hours from time & date booked.

Lighting equipment is included with all bookings at no extra cost to you. Please send us an email with any questions in regards to equipment provided. You are recommended to bring your own professional grade equipment if needed. PLEASE help us share the equipment by respecting the equipment so that others can enjoy it too.

PLESE NOTE: All Cyc Wall floors are painted at the beginning of the day and are used "as is" from that point on. If you need the cyc wall floors to be as clean as possible be sure to book the first slot available at the beginning of the day, otherwise you will have to know how to use lighting and post editing to remove any floor scuffs and other imperfections that you don't want in your shot.


Please note that we do NOT allow the use of glitter, confetti, liquids on our cyc wall areas including fluids like fake blood. We can NOT clean that out in time for the next booking and often times required a lot of work to clean and/or repair. 


$100 Security Deposit REQUIRED when checking in. Deposit will be refunded if all equipment is left as found and if studio is left as found.

All bookings should respect bought time in a timely fashion by being as organized as possible so that we may prepare for following guests potentially scheduled post your booked time. There will be a $1 fee per minute for any time past the your end time up to 15 minutes. If you are longer than 15 minutes after your end time there will be a full hour charged to make up for time lost and you will still be asked to leave so we can prepare for the following guest.

Cancellations & Rescheduling:

Please cancel or reschedule with a 72hr notice prior to time booked so that we can have time to allow others use the time. All cancelations & reschedules done 72hrs and out will be allowed to rollover the original deposit. All cancelations & reschedules done inside the 72hr period will NOT be allowed to rollover the deposit. All deposits are Non-Refundable - you may only rollover your deposit if you meet the 72hr notice policy. Please understand that we are here for you, and in return we need you to help us operate smoothly for the rest of our community waiting in line to use the studio.


We welcome after hours requests on a case-by-case basis. Only if we're able to accommodate we will be able to help. Please call us for this type of request. Our after hours rate would be $75 per hour to help take care of our helping team.

Thank you for your cooperation, and stay creative! 

-FJ & Kim 

Choose length of time desired for your session and deposit below.

All deposits assigned to the hour quantity are Non-Refundable. Deposit is required to ensure all bookings.

Thank you!